ST Hareon Solar Anticipated Achievements of 2015 Make up the Deficits and Get Surpluses

01/29/201619:40 Source:Securities Times 29th Jan

ST Hareon Solar(600401)announcementon the evening of 29th Jan, preliminary estimation by finance department, comparedwith corresponding period of last year, Company anticipated achievements of2015 will make up the deficits and get surpluses, realize retained profits RMB 60~140 million assigned to Shareholders of Listed Company, and net assets was positiveat the end of 2015. Corresponding period of last year, retained profits was RMB- 947.5955 million assigned to Shareholders of Listed Company. Company signifiedthat PV market began to rebound during year 2015. Gross profit rate ofCompany major products has been increased, and Company sold some power stationsto optimization of assets structure at the same time. Because of above-mentioned conditions,Company capability of profits andbusiness performance has been improved markedly.