First Aid Training Provided in the Taicang Base

In order to improve the staff's emergency consciousness and increase the staff's general knowledge of first aid, the annual training of nursing assistant was carried out in Taicang base on July 16, 2015 and July 23. The course was about two contents, the theoretical knowledge and practical operation, including knowledge of on-site first aid, practical skills, and skills training of CPR.

During courses, the teachers from the Renci Hospital, told the emergency treatment of burn and common trauma to trainer with her professional knowledge and experience. At the same time, she taught employees artificial respiration and chest compressions of CPR operating process by live demonstration, including estimate of consciousness, heartbeat and breath, How to search for the point of external chest compressions, the frequency of artificial respiration and external chest compressions, and how to estimate the validity of CPR. After the course, there was a written test and a practical operation test about the training content. The invigilators came from Taicang Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, and they awarded the certification to those employees who were qualified in the examination.