Lean Production Training Provided in the Xinqiao Base

Lean Production came from the management philosophy of Toyota. So many enterprises have achieved a lot after importing and implementing the lean production system. On September 17 and September 24, Mr. Bo Jiang, the director of module factory, tentatively shared the related ideas and thoughts of "lean manufacturing" with our team leader of workshop.

Mr. Jiang firstly introduced the origin and development of lean production in Japan, and many international enterprises has achieved a lot through the implementation of lean production. Then his speech focused on 7 kinds of waste during the production of enterprises. The department supervisors respectively expounded the waste on their workshop. All of us know that waste would come into being in very link of production, and it is even inevitable, but we should strive to reduce waste.

This course is just a simple introduction of lean production system, and we are looking forward to Mr. Jiang will continue the system course of lean production gradually. Then, the managers will do better with more knowledge and skills.