Management Training Provided in the Taicang Base

In order to improve team cohesion and collaboration and to strive for positive working atmosphere, the training of supervisors had been carried out in Taicang Base on September 10, 2015. The theme of first phase: the unified thought and lessons learned. The participant: director or deputy director of each department and the outstanding employee recommended by department. The training provided an opportunity to learn and communicate with others through the work knowledge, skills, experience and comprehension spoken by supervisors.

There were eight courses in this training, including communication skills, etiquette, 5S, PDCA, quality, safety, cost, and so on. The first course was Communicates and Influences on September 10, 2015. The lecturer of the course was Mr. Bin Zhang. He summarized the cases encountered in the work, described the practical communication skills in detail for the trainees. His lecturer was really a nice start of the training of supervisors.