• 2012-09

    Accredited as 'Jiangsu Postdoc Innovation Research Center'

  • 2012-05-18

    Hareon Solar Japan established

  • 2012-03

    Exploration of domestic PV market

  • 2012-03

    13.1 MW Italian solar greenhouse project successfully connected to grid

  • 2012-02-17

    Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. listed on SSE successfully; Ticker: 600401

  • 2011-11

    Approved by National Development and Reform Commission as 'National and Regional Joint-Construction Research Center for High Efficiency Silicon Solar Cells'

  • 2011-10

    TT welding machine commenced operation; Hareon-made Schott branded modules launched in Europe

  • 2011-06

    Exploration of overseas PV power-plant investments

  • 2011-05

    Hareon Solar and Schott Solar Group began Schott Solar-Hareon joint venture

  • 2010-12-30

    Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. acquires 51% equity of Jiangyin Xinhui Solar Energy Ltd

  • 2010-10-09

    Hefei Hareon Solar Technology Ltd., founded

  • 2010-03-31

    Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. increases registered capital to RMB 1.24 billion

  • 2010-03-23

    Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd. ranked fourth high-tech enterprise in Jiangsu in 2009

  • 2009-12-25

    Altusvia Energy (Taicang) Ltd., founded in Taicang, Jiangsu, as manufacturing base for solar cells and modules

  • 2009-10

    Shortlisted as supplier for Golden Sun project

  • 2009-08-24

    Hareon Solar Power GmbH (Germany) established in Munich

  • 2008-02-29

    Jiangyin Hareon Power Ltd., founded to develop solar cell and module business

  • 2008-02-21

    Jiangyin Hareon Technology Ltd., restructured into Hareon Solar Technology Ltd., with MOFCOM approval

  • 2008-01

    Successful trial production of first polysilicon furnace: 387 kg, 840×840×420 mm silicon ingot produced

  • 2007-09

    Stage II construction of Silicon Ingot Manufacturing Facility