• 2017-12

    Totally received more than 20 PV industrial product awards.

  • 2017-03

    Awarded “Golden Reputation” by Ai Feng Economic Development Institute.

  • 2017-03

    Awarded “Global Green Enterprises” which is joint released by As You Sow and Corporate Knights.

  • 2016-10

    Admitted into the Top Runner Program by CQC.

  • 2016-10

    Launched high-end module ”High Power”, water surface power station only

  • 2016-04

    Launched 5 busbar multicrystalline high power module; 5 busbar-spilt high power module.

  • 2016-02

    Took the lead in finishing diamond wire cutting reform.

  • 2015-07

    Invested in 72 MV PV power plants in India

  • 2015-06

    Successful applicant for Qualification Certificate of PRC for Foreign Contract Work

  • 2015-03

    Sold a 100 MV PV power plant project in Inner Mongolia

  • 2014-09

    Successfully placed 492,500,000 new private shares, raised USD $660 Million

  • 2014-07

    Received approval from National Development and Reform Commission to include "PERC+MWT high efficiency solar cell project" in the Commission's strategic emerging-industry investment plan

  • 2014-07

    Received approval letter from China Securities Regulatory Commission for private placement

  • 2014-04

    First company to receive third-party accreditation for modules withstanding 1500V

  • 2014-03

    Hareon Group PV testing center accredited through TÜV witness test

  • 2013-06

    Sold a PV power plant project in Hawaii, US

  • 2013-01

    4BB and and split junction box modules certified by third party; commenced mass production

  • 2012-11-15

    Hareon Solar Australia Pty Ltd., established

  • 2012-10-19

    PID resistant module (double 85/ -1000V/192 hours) accredited by third-party

  • 2012-09

    90 MW Bulgarian power-plant project successfully connected to grid