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Among Hareon Solar’s strongest assets is its experienced R&D team which is dedicated to developing cutting-edge technologies and pursuing innovation. As a result, Hareon’s R&D department was awarded the title of “National Engineering and Technology Research Center” by the NDRC for its achievements in Si-based solar cell development. Some examples of successful projects include its pilot line development, reliability breakthroughs, and physical & chemical analytics. Furthermore, the R&D center is equipped with state-of-the-art production and testing equipment, which allow the team to develop high-efficiency and low-cost PV wafers, cells, and modules, following a vertical-integration strategy. As an industry leader in PV technology, Hareon has partnered with many PV suppliers and research institutes both domestically and around the world, to push scientific boundaries and develop breakthroughs.

As of now, Hareon has engaged in dozens of research projects worldwide, including Project-863, and has applied for a grand total of 506 patents of which 288 were approved. Out of the 288 approved patents, 30 are for inventions. Furthermore, Hareon patent filings have grown steadily over the past five years and the company is now ranked among the top PV enterprises in China.

The current achievements of the R&D department at or above the provincial level are as follows:    

① Recognized as the “Jiangsu Provincial Center of High-Efficiency Solar Cells”

② Recognized as the “National Engineering and Technology Research Center for High-Efficiency Solar Silicon Cell” by the NDRC  

③ Accredited as the “Jiangsu Postdoctoral Innovation Research Center”  

④ “The Development of Fine Line Electrode Solar Cell Pilot Line Technology Based on Inkjet Printing” project won a grant of RMB 7.4 million from the “863 Program” of the Ministry of Science and Technology.  

⑤ “The Industrialization of High-Efficiency Integrated Back Contacted Solar Cell” project included investment plans of the strategic emerging industries by the NDRC  

⑥ PV-Testing Center included in TUV Witness Testing Program

⑦ PV-Testing Center approved by CNAS National Laboratory