• 2012-10-15

    Hareon Solar Teamed with Conecon to Announce a 3MW PV Park at Frankfurt/Hahn Airport

  • 2012-09-28

    Hareon Solar Signs a Trademark Licensing Agreement with SCHOTT AG

  • 2012-04-17

    Hareon Solar Concluded A Framework Cooperation Agreement for a 1GW Solar Plant Project

  • 2012-04-09

    Hareon Solar Held Thanks Party in Hefei for its Public Listing

  • 2012-04-09

    A Successful Symposium on Hareon Corporate Culture in 2012

  • 2012-04-09

    Hareon Solar Held a Cocktail Party in Grand Hyatt Shanghai in Celebration of its Public Listing

  • 2012-04-09

    Promotion of Independent Brands by Construction of Power Plants Overseas

  • 2012-04-09

    Loving Donation Conveys Genuine Affection and Hareon Tenderly Shows Its Concern – on Fund Raising for Zhang Qing Organized by Guangtang Base

  • 2012-03-09

    Representatives of Fluitecnik and Unitec Visited Hareon

  • 2012-03-09

    Hefei Hareon Won Award of “2011 Best Contribution of Industrial Enterprises” in Xinzhan District, Hefei

  • 2012-03-06

    Hareon Solar Presses Forward in Photovoltaic Winter by Promoting Independent Brands and Establishing Overseas Solar Plants

  • 2012-02-24

    Good News: Hareon Solar Got Publicly Listed in A-share

  • 2011-12-20

    Executives of US-based Flux Energy GS Visited Xinhui Solar

  • 2011-12-19

    Report on the Opening of Xinhui Employees’ Home

  • 2011-11-25

    Wuxi Municipal CPC Committee Standing Member and Jiangyin Municipal Mayor Jiang Rongliang and his Group Came to Xinhui Solar to Participate in the Demonstration of Projects Under Construction in Jiangyin

  • 2011-08-13

    Hefei Xinzhan Economy and Trade Bureau Director Wang Haitang and his Group Visited Grassroots Employees of Hefei Hareon

  • 2011-08-13

    Hefei Executive Deputy Mayor Wei Xiaoming and his Group Surveyed and Inspected Hefei Hareon

  • 2011-08-13

    China Development Bank Hunan Branch Governor Wang and His Group Visited Xinhui Solar

  • 2011-08-13

    Speed, and Speed ---- Record of Schott Hareon Going into Operation

  • 2011-07-22

    Giants Join Hands to Found Schott Solar Hareon Co., Ltd.