Distribution and Capacity

Hareon currently owns a total of five production bases located in Hefei, Huangtang, Xinqiao, Taicang, and Siyang, each with its own primary production focus. The Hefei and Xinqiao bases focus on solar cells; the Huangtang base focuses on silicon wafers; the Taicang base focuses on cells and modules; and the Siyang base focuses on multi-crystalline ingots. The Taicang base is also the R&D center for Hareon and the Siyang base is the largest polycrystalline manufacturer in the entire northern Jiangsu region.
Overall, Hareon has a total production capacity of 2 GW of ingot casting, wafers, cells, and modules annually.

Hefei , Anhui (Cell)

Taicang , Jiangsu (Cell/Module/R&D)

Huangtang , Jiangyin (Wafer)

Xinqiao , Jiangyin (Cell/Module)

Siyang , Jiangsu (Multi-Crystallized Ingot)