Mr. Yanren Li

Mr. Li, born in 1942, has abachelor’s degree and currently holds the title of “Senior Engineer”. Previously, he has worked as the director of Wuxi Dynamical Machine Factory,the director of Wuxi Municipal Economic Committee, the Chairman and General Manager of the Wuxi Branch of China Unicom, Ltd., and the Chairman of Suntech PowerCo., Ltd., (NYSE: STP). Mr. Li is the Chairman of the Board of Hareon Solar Technology Co.,Ltd.

Mr. Jiwei Wu

Mr. Wu, born in 1971, graduated from Central University of Finance and Economics with a Bachelor of Finance in 1994, and a Master of Economicsin 1999. He previously served as Chief of the Settlement Dept. at Bank of China, manager of Investment Department at China Orient Asset Management Corporation, Assistant Executive at Dong Yin Development (Holdings) Limited, Vice-General Manager (in-charge) at Bank of China Investment Limited. Mr. Wu is currently serving as the Executive Director and CEO at Huajun Holdings Limited (0377.HK) as well as the Vice-Chairman of Board of Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Dr. Jie Zhang

Dr.Zhang, born in 1974, is currently serving as member of the Board of Directors of Hareon SolarTechnology Co., Ltd., and Vice President incharge of international business. He is also the CEO of Hareon International Co. Ltd., and the CEO of Hareon Solar USA Corp. Prior to joining Hareon, Dr. Zhang worked in semiconductor industry for more than 10 years, in the area of nano technology platform integration and international IP business. He held various engineering and management positionsin Cypress Semiconductor and nVidia Corp. in the California, USA.

Dr.Zhang received Ph.D. from Arizona State University in the USA, and M.S. fromTsinghua University in China. He has published more than 20 technical papersand US patents.

Mr. Guangbao Meng

Mr. Meng, born in 1972,holds abachelor's degree in law from Harbin Institute of Technology. Mr. Meng is also the majority shareholder and president of Hua Jun Holding Group Co Ltd. since 2007and a senior partner of Liaoning Huajun Law Firmsince 1998. Mr. Meng had been honored by Liaoning Provincial Department of Justice in 2003.Mr. Meng iscurrently serving as a member of the Board of Directors of Hareon SolarTechnology Co., Ltd.

Mr. Xiaoping Xu

Mr. Xu, born in 1967, graduated from Southwest University of Political Science and Law. He is an economist, and served on the Nanjing Public Security Bureau as well as the China CITIC Bank -Wuxi branch. He is currently apartner at Jiangsu KaiXuan Law Firm and is serving as an Independent Directoron the Board of Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Ms. Yao Zheng

Ms. Zheng, born in 1967, has a master’s degree,worked as an associate professor, a master tutor, is a member of the Jiu SanSociety, and has a Chinese CPA. She has worked as an associate professor in thedepartment of accounting at the Business School of Jiangnan University since 1989. She has been an independent director at Jiangsu Shenli Enterprise Co., Ltd. since September 2012. Ms. Zheng is currently serving an Independent Director on the Board of Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd.

Mr. CaoxinJin

Mr. Jin, born in 1976, has worked as a lawyer and has been apartner for a Jiangsu-based law firm since September, 1998. He previously served as an Independent Director in Jiangsu Huaxicun Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Sunshine Co., Ltd. Mr. Jin is currently serving as an Independent Director on the Board of Hareon Solar Technology Co., Ltd.